Our values at PlanBørnefonden

Our foundation and framework

We strive for lasting impact
We are courageous and speak out when the rights of the world's most vulnerable children are violated. And we challenge ourselves and break new ground to make sure it doesn't happen. We use each other's strengths to fight together for a just world. We work together across departments, sharing knowledge and experience. We're proud of the results we create together - big and small. We remind each other and our supporters of the difference we make together.

We are open and accountable 
We make responsibilities, roles and workflows clear, so everyone knows what they're responsible for and who to go to. We say what we mean - and we try to understand those with whom we disagree. We take time to answer questions and are curious about each other. We are honest with each other and the world. We stand up for our actions and dare to question when we sense something is wrong.

We are inclusive
We respect each other's differences and disciplines. We take advantage of having so many bright minds with cutting-edge skills inhouse and at Plan International. We are part of a large international organization where we work together. Our international colleagues are important resources with whom we work with and spar to make a difference. We respect everyone's right to be heard and we are open and listening. We trust each other and everyone should be able to give input and ideas.

We work well together
We are welcoming and we smile and say good morning when we enter the office or when we are with colleagues from other countries - physically and virtually. We collaborate and communicate across departments, and we are energized by being an organization that seeks and embraces diversity - professionally and socially. We make sure that all our guests, partners and new colleagues feel welcome.

Mimersgade 47, 4.
2200 København N
+45 70 22 12 11
CVR 2035673

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